Los Angeles Home Buyer Offers Fair Cash Offers to People Who Need to Sell Their Houses Fast

LA Fair Offer buys homes in Los Angeles for fast cash.

Homeowners who want to sell their Los Angeles house will find that LA Fair Offer is ready to make a fair all-cash offer. Distressed homeowners can end the frustration of having to deal with an unwanted property by looking to LA Fair Offer to buy the house now, regardless of condition.

When Is It Time to Sell?

LA Fair Offer buys properties in any condition, and their motto is, “We buy houses!” If homeowners are facing any of the following situations, they may qualify for LA Fair Offer to make them an all-cash offer on their home.

  • The house is in foreclosure or is about to be.
  • Frustrating tenants are living in the house.
  • The property is vacant.
  • The owner is relocating and needs to sell quickly.
  • The house is an unwanted inheritance.
  • The homeowner does not want to pay hefty realtor commissions.
  • There is a divorce in the works.
  • The house is an exhausting and expensive fixer-upper.
  • The owner has little or no equity in the home.

A homeowner stuck in one or more of these situations can qualify a property for a fast cash offer. The team members at LA Fair Offer are specialists in solving real estate problems, especially ones that present a financial burden on the homeowner.

Listing With a Real Estate Agent vs. LA Fair Offer

Even though a homeowner may not make as much money from a fast cash offer as they would make from listing with a local Los Angeles realtor, the seller must weigh all the factors. Compare the process of selling a home with LA Fair Offer as opposed to selling with a traditional realtor:

Commissions and fees

Realtor: 6% on average paid by the seller

LA Fair Offer: None

Closing costs

Realtor: 2% on average paid by the seller

LA Fair Offer: LA Fair Offer pays all costs.

Inspection and financing contingency

Realtor: Sales can fall through.

LA Fair Offer: LA Fair Offer provides its own funding, so deals go through.


Realtor: Must have an appraisal for a traditional listing, financing, and sale.

LA Fair Offer: No appraisal needed to make a cash offer.

Average days until sold

Realtor: 91+/-

LA Fair Offer: LA Fair Offer makes an immediate cash offer. The seller can have the money in hand in 7 days, sometimes less.

Number of showings

Realtor: It depends.

LA Fair Offer: Just one.

Closing date

Realtor: 30-60+/- after accepting the buyer’s offer.

LA Fair Offer: The seller chooses the closing date.


Realtor: Repairs are negotiated during the inspection period.

LA Fair Offer: LA Fair Offer pays for all repairs.

As the above comparisons show, selling a house to LA Fair Offer has its benefits for stressed sellers who need a fair, fast cash deal for their home.

LA Fair Offer is a Los Angeles-based real estate solutions and investment team that specializes in helping homeowners sell their house fast at a fair price. The team of investors and problem solvers enable people to receive cash quickly for unwanted homes.

For more information about the Los Angeles home buyer, visit the LA Fair Offer website at https://www.lafairoffer.com or call 1 (323) 306-4868.

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