Sell Your Home Even With Back Taxes

Do you want to sell your home but feel that you cannot do so because you owe some taxes? I am here to assure you that you have some options you can take to sell your home. That is irrespective of whether you owe a lean from the IRS or local municipality or other organizations. If you reside in Los Angeles, California, and in such a situation, LA Fair Offer is all you need. We’re real estate consultants specializing in real estate investing via cash home buying.

How do you do it?
Note that, if you owe a tax lien, you’ll have to pay it first before selling the home. What makes it difficult is that these liens extend to the value of your financial holding and properties. That is the reason why you have to settle the debt first. To sell your home, consider observing the following steps;

Calculate the value of the lien vs. Property Value
Check back to your books and see the amount of taxes you owe. Sum up the figures and then evaluate the value of your property. Compare the numbers to determine if the value of your home can pay the full taxes. The IRS requires that you consider the taxes you owe when calculating the profits you’ll make. If you find out that the value of your house can pay off all the debts, there’re high chances you can make the sale.

At times, your home value may not pay all the taxes you owe. On such days, you need to have a plan for how you can avoid further steps from the IRS. In the traditional market, it takes an average of 68 days to sell a home, but in your case, you need to be fast. At such points, that is where we come in. But how are you ready to help you move out of the messy situation?

Sell the House to Us
When you find that your house is less worth the value of accumulated taxes, you can consider selling the home to us and take the cash. We understand the situation you are facing, and thus, we are ready to take the burden from you. In the past, we have been able to help hundreds of families in such a situation, and thus we guarantee you a stress-free transfer process.

The Advantage: The pro point in choosing us is that we offer a fast and quick transfer process. We shall ensure that you have the as-is cash within 30 days. Most of the time, we have the sale closed within a week. In this way, we can reduce time wastage and also reduce the cost of the whole process. We also make sure to buy your home a price that helps you settle down your bill in full. At some points, you’ll have some dollars left. Giving you cash in hand does also make the process fast and easy to carry out.
When you have the cash in hand, you decide how to pay your back taxes, whether to IRS or municipal organizations. As an organization, we were hoping you could give us the release-of-item form which both you and the lienholder must sign. That acts as a sign that you have the taxes paid. As such, you can erase all the debt obligations you had entirely and able to walk as a free man. At this point, you can now sign the transfer documents.

Why Choose Us?
What makes us unique is the fact that we buy your home irrespective of the amount of taxes you owe. Our offers are the best you can obtain for your home. The best part is that we offer the as-is cash, and all payments are in stock. Irrespective of your house condition, there is a guarantee that you will get a loan from us. You, therefore, have nothing to worry you. Our inspections are for determining the value of your home, and not evaluating whether you qualify for a loan. For us, we buy all categories of properties irrespective of their status. If you feel that you need to sell your home, contact us, and we shall attend to your request immediately.

How to Contact Us
Do you have a question about our services? You might also be having doubts about how you can sell a house when you owe back taxes. If so, consider contacting our customer service desk through (323) 306-4868. You can also call if you wish to know how much you should expect from your home. Our customer desk is friendly and available in a 24/7 hour system.

When else can we buy your house?
At times, it can be that you’re not selling your home from the back taxes. It can be that the house is old and outdated. It can also be that you inherited the home and have no use for it anymore. Also, it can be that your home is in ruins. If so, note that we still require your home and will offer you the best deals. All you have to do is call our customer care desk, and we shall have our team at your property immediately.

Final Verdict
Selling your home when you have back taxes isn’t an easy task. It needs you to find a buyer who is willing to buy the house first and give you the cash to pay debts. After settling the debts, you’ll be in a position to sign the transfer files without stress. Finding such a company is, however, not a simple task. Choosing to work with us, however, gives you this advantage. All you have to do is make a call to our customer desk, and we’ll start the process immediately. We aim to help you sell the house even if you owe back taxes. In such a way, we save you the risk of accumulating fees. Also, we help you quicken the process of selling the house. Pick our services today, and you’ll not regret partnering with us.

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