LA Fair Offer buys houses fast for cash in as little as seven days in Los Angeles, CA. Knowing how to get fast cash for houses can be very helpful during the stressful COVID-19 pandemic.

A commonly-held belief is that when people are confined at home during a disaster, snowstorm, or blackout, birth rates tend to rise. The reality is more urban legend than truth. On the other hand, when people are confined together at home, the stresses can take the relationships to the breaking point and lead to divorce or breakup.

In a recent Psychology Today article entitled “More Babies or More Divorces After COVID-19?,” Dr. Susan Newman, Ph.D., asks two questions that could have a bearing on home sales in Los Angeles. She writes, “Will more babies be born as a result of COVID-19? Will more couples separate when we get back to normal?” Dr. Newman thinks that the divorce rate will see an increase: “I’m inclined to believe we will see an uptick in divorces resulting from the stress of being confined with our spouses with whom we are not accustomed to spending so much one-on-one time.”

Breaking up can create a situation in which homeowners need to sell a house quickly for cash. Stressed relationships can drain resources, making it impossible to fund necessary repairs, upgrades, appraisals, commissions, or closing costs, all of which may be required for a traditional home sale. A fast sale for cash may be the solution, especially if the relationship is very strained. The homeowners can part ways with some funds to move forward with their lives. The fair cash offer is fast. Closing can be in as little as seven days or be scheduled at a later time once alternative housing arrangements have been made. The fast cash and flexible closing create options for both parties for the future during stressful times.

Cash for Houses Los Angeles

How to Qualify for Fast Cash

  • In or about to be in foreclosure
  • Burdened with debt
  • Saddled with an unwanted rental property
  • Own a vacant property
  • Frustrated with nagging tenants but cannot get rid of them
  • Need to relocate quickly
  • Have little or no equity and need to sell
  • Tired of fussing over an unwanted property inheritance
  • Want to avoid paying realtor commissions
  • Own a “fixer-upper” and want to sell it

A ‘yes’ answer to any of these questions means that LA Fair Offer experts can help in this time of great need. The team at LA Fair Offer specializes in solving real estate problems, especially ones that are a financial burden on the homeowners. The goal is to enable people to take control of the situation, end the headaches, and get back to living the life they want to live. The fast cash solution is no obligation, no hassles, no stress, no commissions, and no hidden costs. Get the process started either on the internet or by phone.

  • No condition exclusions.
  • No age limitations for the house.
  • No commissions, fees, or appraisal charges.
  • No obligation, commitment, or pressure.
  • No repair costs.
  • No cleanups.
  • No showings or contracts.
  • No lengthy delays.
  • No contingency clauses.
  • No hassle, no stress.

Homeowners in Los Angeles who need to sell their house quickly can find the solution with LA Fair Offer. If a quick sale for fast cash and a flexible closing is the answer, contact LA Fair Offer.

LA Fair Offer is a Los Angeles based real estate solutions and investment firm that specializes in helping homeowners in tight financial situations who need to sell quickly.  Bringing advice and presenting solutions, LA Fair Offer solves difficult problems. Stressed homeowners can sell houses fast. LA Fair Offer is a group of investors and problem solvers who can buy homes fast with a fair cash offer.

For information about selling a house fast for cash in Los Angeles, CA, visit the LA Fair Offer website at Contact the office by phone (323) 306-4868.